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We all have them.

I just had one.

I finished the manuscript for my book Welcoming Change: Making the Most of Tough Times, just in time for the really tough times to hit America, the world at large, and especially my family— just as Lin was diagnosed and began the cancer challenge. I did not touch it again nor try to send it to publishers until now.

It took 14 months of 4:30 to 6:45 AM typing to finish it. Now, 16 months later, I have decided it is time to send it on the next leg of its journey.

I am soon to finish the book proposal that will assault the temples of the lucky publishers, so they can send it on its next leg, and salt the personal development buffet with a new energy— the energy of personal change resilience.

Yes, I did apply the principles in the book as I grappled with my own major change.

9 others have “test-driven” the entire book. They were my trusted test drivers, recruited via Facebook and by my own devices.

The 16 principles of Personal Change Resilience are:

o Embrace change
o Embrace the law of the harvest
o Embrace positive stress
o Embrace stewardship
o Magnify empowering life assumptions
o Magnify self-esteem
o Exert intentionality
o Drive closure
o Create fulfillment structures
o Invent projects
o Learn constantly
o Pursue personal talent
o Nurture positive relationships
o Reframe bad/good
o Cultivate humor
o Create threads of stability

So that’s what’s beginning with me. What’s beginning with you? Some inspiration in the form of Nina Lee Walker, another Lin namesake, and another example of a beginning at the bottom of this post.

This is a “share good news and encouragement, leadership and life balance” Blog. It is designed to be an oasis of calm and positivity in an otherwise challenging and sometimes pessimistic swirl of daily activity.

Please click on “leave a comment” and share your thoughts, for example:
• What happened recently that was a positive for you?
• Who has inspired you recently, or even a long time ago?
• What small act of courage showed up in your life?
• What is a personal philosophy that has served you well?
• What new activity are you engaged in that makes a difference in your life?
• What made you smile today?
• What do you notice that is good in humanity?
• Who is someone you know who is making a difference?
Your sharing brings more light into the world.

Go to this post to see examples of what others have shared on this Blog:



  1. I’ll offer to contribute if it’s needed: would you like a professional writer to look through the book for typos and other non-content-related errors?

    • I will take you up on that. I will be in touch. Thank you for your generous offer.

      Lorin R Walker, PhD
      Chief Learning Officer
      Director Organizational Development
      Tercon, Inc.
      +1 913 681-3353 (office)
      +1 816 536 0913 (mobile)

  2. My work life and self worth are taking a new beginning. I read this the other day and I am embracing it:

    Don’t learn to do, but learn in doing. Let your falls not be on a prepared ground, but let them be bona fide falls in the rough and tumble of the world.
    – Samuel Butler


    • Inspiring and timely. I am also embracing this, standing next to you as I am moving into many unknowns. Thanks for this.

      Lorin R Walker, PhD
      Chief Learning Officer
      Director Organizational Development
      Tercon, Inc.
      +1 913 681-3353 (office)
      +1 816 536 0913 (mobile)

    • Clair’s comment hit home for me. It is time to face the falls…come-what-may. I have spent long hours in the last three years preparing for what I have been calling Volume 2 of my life. In the last few days, I have resolved to move forward….being courageous and always intentional.

  3. A customer at the bank where I work brought home grown cucumbers last Friday 9/9! It made me smile!
    Friends in our neighborhood invited Jon & I & Lisa to go boating at Strawberry Reservoir. Learned to reel in a fish! Never done that before and it was great! Caught a cut throat almost 15 inches long!
    I always try hard to look for the GOOD in people and situations!!!

  4. I attend a religion class here in Bountiful taught by Jack Marshall. He inspires all of us in the ward and people that attend the class to truly read the scriptures!

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