Posted by: walkerswalkabout | May 27, 2013

Spontaneous Laughter

Similar to spontaneous combustion, but without the annoying side effects. No hot ash. Just new energy.

I notice it at odd times.

Last month when I was driving to a fund raising run/walk, 5K, on a beautiful, clear, cold April Spring day. Something about the beauty of the day, the solid feel of my car with the new struts, the immediate prospect of meeting up with 2 of my “kids”, and walking in a good cause, must have struck me. For no apparent reason, I began to laugh/chuckle/grin at the prospect of the new day before me.

I have noticed it most often at the beginning of solo backpacks. Something about being immersed in the creation, the sermons in the stones, as St. Bernard the saint observed. Once about 15 minutes into my backpack in Australia, at Wilson’s Promontory, it happened. The same for my solo Wyoming Wind River Range hikes. A laugh from the belly but kind of bubbly at the same time.

Children also inspire it. Very young children.

When it happens, I ask myself, why do I ever do anything but this?

When you laugh like this, you can trust yourself in that activity. Also other people give you their trust when you laugh like this.

Notice where the laughter is. It heals.



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