Posted by: walkerswalkabout | January 1, 2014

This Olde (Stone) House

My 1939 vintage stone house is “on the market”. I think I have lived here longer than in any other. But not much longer will I live here, I think. I wrote a one page piece to add to the Real Estate agent information, placed on the counter top of the kitchen for prospective buyers to peruse.

I notice some houses–not many– take on BEING. I hope yours has or will.


Dear Future Home Owner(s):

We hope you enjoy this beautiful, unique, stone home as much as we have.

Children’s laughter has rung through the passageways and up and down the stairs. There have also been soulful and positive life-changing conversations in this house. It has been a place of warmth and refuge for many.

Every Spring the lawn and the forest out back burst with the color of daffodils, green and lavender vinca, redbuds, iris and daisies. At certain times of year, you can hear the hoot owls calling to one another across the treetops. Hawks ply the skies above the property, as many as three at a time. All manner of visitors come to the birdfeeder, and a pair of bluebirds raised their young in one of the birdhouses out back.

When the sun shines in through the skylights in the lower room, the feeling is transformative. This we used as an artist’s studio, and also as a room for relaxation, renewal and conversation.

The master bedroom is a serene place that makes you feel like you are hiding in the treetops.

The balcony off the upstairs bedroom has been used for sunbathing, or just sitting and strumming a guitar. The other bedroom has been a jewelry-maker’s studio.

If you want life, light, character and warmth, you have found your oasis.




  1. Great way to show the real picture of your home! All these experiences bring life to your house as a home!

  2. Thank you for sharing this piece of heaven with us in 2009! Let us know where you will be okay?

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