Posted by: walkerswalkabout | August 26, 2016

The Village Bully

Yes, we need to send Washington a message. But do we need to tap the village bully to deliver the message?

Didn’t Washington already send Washington a message? Didn’t George set the tone? —that a man on horseback would not consent to be king, let alone seek to be king?

I stop barely short of disbelief at the way large portions of America, my beloved country, have embraced a bully. Are we not trying to root the bullying instinct/practice out of our schools and playgrounds? Then why should we even consider aiding a bully in laying down roots in Washington?

I will tell you who to vote for. Here is the answer to that great mystery: vote for someone who is “good and wise and honest”. Surely there must be a good and wise and honest woman or man left in America!

To those who have endorsed a bully, I say: Bully for you. But not for me. And no respect for any politician who has joined that camp.

Some have repented of having endorsed the bully. To all who have been seduced by that error and since rejected that regrettable path I say: Kudos. Repentance is good. Bravo. Spread the word. Continue to sound the “alarum” bell.

In this land, of all lands, we are free to choose our future. Let us choose a better path.




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