Posted by: walkerswalkabout | May 6, 2017

Life is Remarkably Good

Our newly sprouted mint-green grass is springing up with Grand Spring Attitude, next to our 747-size new driveway with the Goal-rilla hoop gracing the far west edge, the pad so spacious and luxurious that sometimes we take a map and compass to find our way, just to be safe, and have come close to waving off the stealth bombers from our local air force base that threaten descent from the mild blue yonder above.

The grass owes its life, mostly I think, to my west coast wife Jo Anne’s tigress-strong declaration, “We will have grass!!”… and her Oregon roots/karma-strength making it so. Along with bushels of blue-plastic-coated grass seed she threw out as if feeding a thousand chickens.

And we will soon install a heater to warm our swimming pool (a treat for older colder bones), and we just pumped out our septic tank, after a midnight “accident” called same to our attention, so now no sodden sudden worries. And the last day of classes at UCM where I teach in the biz school, where my students have been, almost to a person, engaged and inspiring, and a solo backpack in the Mystery Mountains outside Sedona in the near offing, and all-in-all, once again learning that when one is all-in for a respectable time, comes always the oasis of stillness and beauty.

Nothing is perfect, and few things last, but all-in-all a good life right now, with No Home of the Mind’s “As Much as Possible” filling the airspace in my home office and bespeaking serenity as if from a down under ocean.

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  1. As always, it is a pleasure to see your musings. Your title this time is what I also feel. We are car traveling, in a few days, to see great 40+ year friends and with them, will enjoy the Grand Canyon. Our base of operations, after Phoenix, will be Sedona. Enjoy your hike.
    My blog still reflects my passion for art. Spent 5 days with international master Huihan Liu. What an inspiration.

    Be well my Friend.


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